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Colored Paper Bring Profit to Your Workplace

Colored has the power to inspire, enhance memory, draw attention, and boost productivity.  Too much color can be overwhelming, but accents of color have been shown to make a rich improvement to workplaces.

Colored paper is a cost-effective way to introduce more color into your workplace, and while white has become the universal default colour for office paper with good reason, there are still many occasions when colored paper is the better option.

1.    Report

Larger reports, like your business’ annual report, are easier to digest and navigate when printed on colored paper. Print each section of your report in a different colour for clear segmentation. Continue your color theme across into other reports by repeating the colors assigned to each department.

2.    Flyers

Colour adds interest to flyers and helps draw attention to the information they contain. Get creative here and choose a vibrant colour for the most eye-grabbing effect.

3.    Brochures

Likewise, brochures can be brightened up with the use of coloured paper. You can change the colour with each update to your brochure so you always know whether it’s the most current version.

4.    Invitations

Specialty metallic paper is an ideal medium for invitations. Quill’s Metallique paper is designed for use in photocopiers, as well as inkjet and laser printers, so you can confidently print your invitations in-house. The luxurious shimmer and texture of the metallic paper adds visual appeal for invitations that people will want to put on display.

5.    Awards

Recognising staff contributions with a certificate is a simple way to boost morale and engagement in your business. Print your certificates and awards onto statement paper, like a parchment or marble finish. Both are an elegant way to make the certificate more than just a regular print-out. Finish it by laminating or framing.

6.   Memos

Brand all your memos with your own personal colour so recipients will know at a glance they’re from you.

7.   International Document

Keep internal documents readily recognisable by printing to a single colour paper. Assign and consistently use the same colour to avoid internal, sensitive documents from getting into the wrong hands.

8.   Draft Copies

Designate one tray in your printer to coloured paper for draft printing. Choose a pale colour so that draft mode printing can be read against your chosen background. Now you’ll always know a draft from a final version.

9.    Invoices

A brightly colored invoice will stand out in packaging and highlight its importance more than a plain white one. You could use a stronger colour for overdue accounts to really add impact.

10.  Final Notices

Want to capture the attention of your debtors? Use a fluro colored paper for final notices that stand out.

11.  Cover Pages

Printing just the cover page of a document on coloured or specialty paper is like adding a cover to a book. It is a convenient, affordable and aesthetic way to finish your in-house printing.

12.  Filing

Having colour diversity within your filing system allows you to distinguish between sections or hierarchies of importance. Printing some components on coloured paper provides a contrast with the rest of the filed documents for easy retrieval.

13.  Presentations

Preparing presentations for meetings within your business or with external partners or clients requires the highest quality documents you can achieve. The appropriate use of coloured or specialty paper will draw attention where necessary and make your presentations appear professional and impressive.

14.  Calendars

Print your daily or weekly calendars from your Outlook or other program onto coloured paper so you can find and refer to it throughout the day among all the documents on your desk.

15.  Project Management

Make it easy to manage your projects by assigning colours to each, or to each stage of the project. By printing all relevant documents for that project in its colour you will be able to identify it or its progress swiftly.

16.  Menus

For high turn-over documents like menus, specialty paper offers an economical way for printing your information in black upon a non-boring background.

17.  Medical

Colour-coding is a critical tool in medical establishments and coloured paper could assist in consistency for your file management system.

18.  Teaching / training aides

Colour is known to aid the recall of new information and is often used in teaching and training. If you’re printing training information, use warm colours like red, orange and yellow for optimum effect on attention.

19.  Displays

Grab the attention of your intended audience with brightly coloured paper for your displays. Print titles, directions or instructions on colours that stand out against what you’re displaying.

20.  Get Creative

Decorate your workstation or create functional origami using coloured paper. If your workstation has fabric walls you can print motivational quotes on coloured paper and attach directly to the walls. Make your own containers for paperclips, pens or pins with origami. You can update your colours and designs whenever you want.

By : Office Products Depot

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