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Company Facilities

Paper Raw Materials

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and production excellence. We source our raw materials from Germany, Finland, and Korea, ensuring that we import the highest quality paper with FSC certification. Our production processes also adhere to international requirements, exemplified by our compliance with SMETA/SEDEX Four Pillars.


We invest in an extensive range of machine sourced from different countries, which enables us to craft 18 different product types. This combination of cutting-edge technology and versatility allows us to meet a diverse array of customer needs, ensuring that every product we create is of the utmost quality.

Quality Control

Our dedication to deliver an exceptional customer experience is underpinned by a rigorous commitment to quality control. At our company, we maintain a specialized quality control team whose sole mission is to ensure that our products consistently meet the high standards we promise our customers. We understand that attention to detail is crucial, particularly when it comes to the quality of colors and paper.


We train our workers to package your products with precision. We also established SOPs that serve as guidelines for our workers, promoting a safe and conducive work environment.


We employ a diverse fleet of trucks for transportation, ensuring that our goods reach the nearest port efficiently. From there they are dispatched to over 50 different countries. We believe that good product quality needs to be supported by transportation modes that are just as excellent.