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7 Paper Types for Elegant & Affordable Paper Invitation

Some tips for you to create your invitation paper:

Matte Paper is one type of invitation paper that is the choice of brides-to-be. Because, by using this paper to print cheap invitations, more precisely wedding invitations will give the impression of luxury because of the glossy color display. Even so, the ink will not disappear quickly, because matte paper can absorb ink quickly. It never hurts to choose matte paper for cheap invitation printing, especially if the design fits, surely the result will be much more beautiful.

Art Invitation Paper

Then there is the art paper. This art paper was chosen as one of the materials for invitation paper because it has a super smooth surface and displays a glossy effect. Surely you have often seen this type of paper because it is usually used for the creation of hanging calendars.

Do not imagine the invitation will be thin if using art paper, because this paper is only used as an outer or inside coating. If for the results, you will really like it because it displays a luxurious impression, especially if it is equipped with doff, glossy, or UV laminate.

Carton Art Paper

In addition, there is carton art paper that is almost similar to art paper, but there is a slight difference in the grammatical part. This type of paper is much thicker than previous types of paper and is more often used as a material to make product tags and the like.

However, if you are interested in using this paper for wedding invitations, it is very possible, Surely the result of the invitation will look more steady and sturdy, considering the paper is quite thick. That way, wedding invitations will not be easily tangled or torn. So, your wedding invitations can be very enduring.

Ivory Paper

Ivory-type paper is the fourth choice for those of you who want to print cheap invitations. If the word printing, this paper is a complete package because it combines art paper, art carton, and matt paper. If you like the uncommon wedding invitation design, this paper can be the right choice.

Ivory paper is also very suitable to be used as a complement to your wedding day that carries the concept of a garden party and other unique wedding concepts. Just need to discover the design of the invitation, then directly print it with ivory paper.

Jasmine Paper

Next is the paper that can be used as a wedding invitation or jasmine paper. The texture of this type of paper is very beautiful because it matches glitter. However, you need to know that jasmine paper can only use enchase and deboss techniques only. Jasmine paper is quite difficult to absorb ink.

Concorde Paper

Concorde paper is a type of invitation paper that has a characteristic on its surface that is full of irregular line fibers. In fact, the material for this wedding invitation can give a romantic feel. Usually, Concorde paper is made as to the contents of wedding invitations with only one color printed, black or white so that the romantic impression is supported. The type of Concorde invitation paper thick if folded will leave a wound on the texture, even look broken.

Linen Paper

Linen paper became one type of invitation paper that is also commonly used. The physical characteristic of this paper is that it has a rough texture, on the surface, there are thin embossed lines. This paper is flexible, you can also print it by any method, both digitally and manually.

Using this type of invitation will seem unique and have a strong character so that it looks so luxurious. Linen or Buffalo paper consists of several variants of grams, ranging from 150 to 230 grams. Not only used for invitations, usually, linen paper is also used to make business cards.


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